We believe businesses should have a voice that can be heard. If we had it our way, every small company would look and feel as polished and refined as a world-class brand. The web gives us the opportunity to level the playing field, making it our tool of choice.

The core team

Dave Onkels

Everywhere, all the time. Like any good visionary, it’s hard to get Dave to sit still. He gets fired up about our clients’ businesses and is not afraid to share his candid opinion in a no-nonsense sort of way. In his spare time, Dave likes to fly airplanes.

Julie Onkels

Keeping it together. Julie’s methodical approach keeps our clients happy and the creatives on track to deliver on time and budget. With more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance and project management, Julie is utterly over-qualified for the job. And yes–she has to put up with her husband at home and at work.

Chris Vogel

Imported from Germany. Chris’ focused and organized way of thinking counterbalances Dave’s enthusiasm. This collaboration of opposites is the secret to Dotvita’s success. If asked, Chris would always describe himself as a designer first and strategist second, but this is an ongoing debate.

The Extended Crew

Aaron Harp

Bringing it to life. Most people would call Aaron a master of frugality. His talent for efficiency is revealed not only in his code but also in his ability to solve complex challenges in the real world. In other words, we throw the impossible in his lap and he figures out a way to pull it off...every time.

Stephanie Miles

Words matter. No one is more passionate about copy than Stephanie. Her low-friction interview process ensures we get the essence of our client’s story. She captures what’s in our clients' head and composes it into meaningful content.

Katie Atkins

Behind the scenes. Katie works tirelessly to keep Dotvita’s gears turning. One of her main efforts is overseeing Dotvita’s web app curation blog, Appvita. As Dave’s former assistant at RadioShack, Katie has figured out his quirks and knows how to make him get things done.

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